Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dammit Apple, you ruin everything

Not one to miss out on an opportunity for free software/upgrades, I upgraded my 2011 Macbook Pro to OSX Maverick last weekend.  The upgrade generally went pretty well, although it was slow.  OSX got some minor face lifts, including the launcher menu with an opaque background:

Aside from that, nothing has really changed for me- I don't use Apple Chat/iChat, I don't intend to buy ebooks from Apple ever, and I don't own an iPhone or use iTunes.

What has significantly changed for me is Apple as decided to dumb down its nifty Wireless Diagnostic tool introduced with OSX Lion.  Gone are the days when I could monitor and track useful performance data for my wireless network connectivity from my MacBook.  It has since been replaced with a stripped-down, diluted utility that wraps up logs so you can send them to Apple for support...

F*ck you Apple.  Seriously.  You had such a great, useful, practical utility tucked away in your dumbed-down OS and you managed to ruin it and strip it of any meaningful utility.

Perhaps there is still a way to get the rich monitoring information once before available, but if there is, I haven't figured it out.  I'll continue to dig, but the fact that I have to do so is ridiculous- it was perfect before!

This may be the final tick in the box for me to leave OSX all together to a more useful and practical OS that leaves some semblance of respect for its users. Now where'd I leave that BSD Live CD...

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